April - 2021

April 13th Town Council Meeting - Summary
Those present included Mayor Bradshaw, Council members Ms. Harrell, Ms. Oliver, Ms. Gandy, and Mr. Baker.

  • Ms. Harrell requested that the council would consider her using the old town hall building for a business/boutique and she would sell accessories, shoes, apparel, jewelry, etc.

  • Mayor Bradshaw donated a check to the depot funds for $20,025.91 towards roof replacement.

  • Mayor Bradshaw also said that we have a contract for mosquito spraying that costs $400.00 per month.

  • Chief August informed the council that he had hired a new part-time police officer. Her name is Renea Worden. There is another position open for another part-time officer.

  • A motion was made by Ms. Oliver to approve the second reading of this ordinance to extend the business license renewal date until April 2022, with a second by Ms. Harrell. There were no questions and all voted on and approved second reading.

New Business

The Dukes presented a written request at the last meeting to amend the animal ordinance. Mayor Bradshaw suggested three options:

a. Leave ordinance as is;

b. Amend to read 2 horses, 6 chickens (as Cheraw and most towns have) since the horses and chickens have existed for several decades with no complaints;

c. Accept the Duke's proposal.

The mayor said almost everyone he spoke to (citizens, other town administrators, attorneys) agreed that C is not the best option. The mayor said this is a business decision based on what is in the long-term best interest of the town, and it should not be based on emotions and should not be personal considering the Dukes at all.

Ms. Oliver said that the law has not been enforced all this time-let everyone keeps what they have. The mayor said the town never had this issue before with the cattle, swine, goats, neighborhood complaints, etc. The mayor also suggested that they would be given a 6 months grace period to clear their property if the ordinance passed.

Ms. Harrell said that this law was never enforced because this wasn't presented to us-horses and chickens never presented a problem.

Several people from the audience made comments.

An attorney, Richard Conner, also spoke.

After much discussion, the mayor made a motion that we draft an ordinance to keep the ordinance as is, with and exception of 2 horses and 6 chickens for the first reading at May meeting. A proper second was made by Ms. Harrell. There was no further discussion. Everyone voted yes, except Ms. Oliver who voted no. An ordinance will be drafted for the next meeting.