American Rescue Feedback

Funding coming soon.....

In the June budget review meeting, Mayor Bradshaw shared some interesting news about the American Rescue Plan. This plan provides $65.1 billion to municipal governments to respond to the COVID-19 public health emergency, offset revenue losses, bolster economic recovery. According to the mayor, Society Hill is expected to receive $197k in funds to be used for a few plans that he's already working on and plans to share with the council in the coming council meetings.

Listen to Mayor Bradshaw

This is audio from the June Budget meeting, here you can listen to the mayor discuss this plan and how he plans to use the money.

We want your feedback!

The question is - how should this money be used to improve the quality of life here in Society Hill? Should we have feedback? Should we, as a community, be able to provide input into this matter? Do you feel that we should just leave the matter to the Mayor to decide for us?

We are asking everyone that calls Society Hill home to provide their feedback. We will share the most popular suggestions and ideas from the survey here on our website for people to vote on the best feedback/ideas that were provided. This survey is completely anonymous. There's absolutely no guarantee that our ideas and suggestions will be taken into consideration by the council, but we can at least try to be heard.


  1. Gather Feedback - The survey will give everyone a chance to share their ideas about how the town should use this money.

  2. Analyze and Report the findings from the survey. We will collect all the ideas and suggestions and compile a master list..

  3. Vote for the best suggestion - We'll post your suggestions on our website for everyone to vote for the best suggestions for us to take back to our council and ask for our voices to be heard.