REMS Merger

Rosenwald Elementary & Middle School

Located in the community of Society Hill, SC on the northern end of Darlington County, the Rosenwald School houses students from Pre-K through 8th grades. Situated on a 12 acre sloping site the school fronts Church St. and parents and buses utilize the same drives to access the site. Buses are parked on the site towards the back. To assist in parent pickup/drop-off a drive was created around the rear of the school; this creates a hazard for students going to the playground. Due to ongoing septic issues, land across Church Street was purchased in 2005 for a septic drain field. The sanitary sewer is now pumped across Church Street to this new septic tank drain field.

The school consists of five (5) distinct buildings with two of the buildings connected: the Offi ce/Cafeteria building stands alone; the Media Wing is connected to the Gym Building (they both have associated classrooms) and are connected by an enclosed corridor; and the Six Classroom Wing shares a covered walk with the Music Room. These buildings have ages ranging from the mid-1950’s with the newest addition being occupied in 2006. Limited renovations also occurred during the summer of 2006. Although covered walks connect the buildings, security, inclement weather and energy effi ciency are all compromised. Additionally, the sloping site creates ADA accessibility issues.

As of the 2019 Facility Study Update the current enrollment is around 155 students with a staff of 30.

Source: 2019 Facility Study Update

About REMS

Mascot: Soaring Eagle
School Colors: Burgundy & Silver
School District: Darlington County
Grades Served: 4K – 8th Grade

Approx. 140 Students
Approx. 40 Staff
Approx. Class Size: 14 Students

REMS is a Title 1 school. This means that REMS receives money from the federal government, so low-income students can reach standard educational goals.

Source: REMS Website

2019 Facility Study Update

In 2012 the Darlington County School District (DCSD) commissioned an independent study of all of the DCSD schools. The resulting document, called the 2012 Facilities Plan, presented a clear assessment of each school as well as recommendations on how to improve each site. Over the past seven years, the Darlington County Board of Education has referred back to this study when making significant construction and capital expenditure decisions.

The board had the study updated in 2019. To access the updated study, click on the links below.

Source: Darlington County School District Website

Local News

DARLINGTON COUNTY, S.C. (WPDE) — Darlington County school board members voted 5-2 Monday night on the merger of St. John's Elementary School and Rosenwald Elementary School to be housed in a newly constructed facility to be located at 2308 North Governor Williams Highway in Darlington.

The board had been considering this action since March and expects the project to be completed in time for the 2025-2026 school year. Click here to view the full article.

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